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Francis Kurkdjian: A Different View of the Orient

In 2012, Francis Kurkdjian started an olfactory dialogue with Agarwood, commonly known as oud wood. The finest examples of this natural ingredient – half-wood, half-lichen – are found in Laos. It made its debut inthe perfumer’s palette during the creation of OUD, an eau de parfum that transcends adjectives, fashions and trends.

Since then, he has given it a western interpretation by taming its unusually wild contours according to his inspirations and pairing it with rose, patchouli, violet, vanilla and other olfactory colors.

This precious nectar, the ambergris of the 21st century, is something that Francis Kurkdjian has always been keen to protect. In its gift box decorated with mashrabiya designs, lies a glass bottle in a subtle yet intense midnight blue, crowned with a golden dome just like a Palace of the Arabian 1001 Nights.

Today, Francis Kurkdjian is continuing this olfactory and creative conversation between Orient and Occident with two new chapters: an intense version of OUD in Extrait de parfum and OUD silk mood in its derived Eau de parfum variation.

These two new variations join a rich collection of six creations that outline the reflections of the Orient.

OUD-The quintessence of the Orient

OUD Extrait de parfum is an olfactory treasure born of sand, wind and gold. From the Orient, it conveys mystery and sensuality. From Laos, it draws purity and refinement. The main notes of the eau de parfum are complemented by an accord made of musk and vanilla that releases a harmony of spicy rich notes. Olfactory family: oriental - woody - spicy Oud from Laos - patchouli from Indonesia - gourmand vanilla accord - Atlas cedar -ambretolide (fruity musk with pear accents) - elemi from the Philippines - saffron

OUD SIlk Mood-Between Orient and Occident

Fascinating and contrasted like a colourful wild silk fabric, OUD silk mood Eau de parfum releases an airy and voluptuous scent. Woven out of oud wood from Laos, roses from Bulgaria and Italian bergamot, its trail leaves a harmony of mesmerising floral notes. Olfactory family: amber - woody - floral Oud from Laos - Papyrus from India - Gaiac wood - Hedione - Bulgarian rose - Blue chamomile from Morocco - Italian bergamot

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