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Gallop of the wind

On an icy, biting morning, pink pepper tingles the air as the sun peeks through heavy grey clouds. Clary sage oil and juniper berry dance beneath the wind that slips beneath your clothes. Morning dew delicately soaks the grass. Finally, the stable emerges, with wooden tack room doors exuding the burning scent of leather, wood, amber, and honey—an age-old odor. Green maté absolute accompanies the soft whinny of the horse, and the scent of freedom permeates with oil of flouve. Leather gathers in the wind, and the grass warms with wood, enhanced by tonka bean absolute. Irish Leather gallops off into the horizon. 🐴🌿

Top Notes:

  • Juniper berries

  • Pink pepper

  • Clary sage

Middle Notes (Heart Notes):

  • Green mate

  • Iris concrete

  • Leather accord

Base Notes:

  • Tonka bean

  • Birch

  • Amber

These notes combine to give Memo Irish Leather a unique and sophisticated aroma, with a focus on leather, complemented by herbal, spicy, and woody elements.

Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris' co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the windy freshness of juniper berries and green mate absolute. 

With this travel size, your perfume Irish Leather will follow you on all your scented journeys!


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