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'For Your Eyes Only' Event at Limassol Marina

A spectacular event merging two well-known luxury brands was held at Limassol Marina on Wednesday 26th October 2016. This unique event, hosted by Dora Theophilou Haute Parfumerie and Ralph Lauren exclusive line, turned into an exceptional evening, exclusively organised for 150 distinguished guests with the theme “For your eyes only”. The new winter collection for women by Ralph Lauren exclusive line and the special selection of branded perfumes by Dora Theophilou Haute Parfumerie were the stars of the evening. “For your eyes only” tuned to the melodies of Mood Indigo, while a plentiful supply of Moet & Chandon was filling up the guests’ champagne flutes. Three brand new Maserati cars completed the scene, dazzling against the evening backdrop of Limassol Marina. The result? Pure perfection.

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