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E Cashmere Musk envelops the senses in a delicate embrace, akin to the tender caress of cashmere on bare skin. This fragrance is not just a scent; it's a journey—a tranquil haven where each note weaves a narrative of delicate touches and enduring elegance.

The symphony of Baies Rose, Sichuan Pepper, and Fresh Ginger in the top notes sets the stage for an odyssey of scent—an unforgettable olfactory adventure that transcends the boundaries of time.

As you delve deeper, the heart of the fragrance reveals a Fleuriste Fusion, Egyptian Jasmine, and Cashmeran. Here, the scent becomes an intricate dance, much like the delicate petals of blooming flowers, creating an atmosphere of ethereal beauty.

The base notes, including Guaiacwood, Ambroxan, and Musks, form a tapestry of lasting impressions. It lingers on the skin, leaving an undeniable presence that is both subtle and captivating—a fragrance that becomes a part of you.

Clive Christian is available in our Boutiques and online at

April 2024


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