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The wood intensities from CARON

Founded in 1904 and today one of the oldest perfume houses in France, Maison Caron brings together all its Haute Parfumerie creations in LA COLLECTION MERVEILLEUSE.

The collection embraces more than a century of history,

with emblems of its heritage and contemporary perfumes, created by Jean JACQUES, the in-House perfumer.

All of them presented in a refillable and stackable roundshaped bottle.

Much like composing a song, Jean Jacques creates fragrances in which notes blend

harmoniously in an astonishing way. The surprising

and unconventional olfactive compositions reveal his

adventurous spirit. After all, Caron has

always been known for combining opposites.

It is a statement of creativity, freedom, and


Wood Intensities is about five powerful, textured fragrances: sillage-heavy scents brimming

with intense personality.

In each of these perfumes, Jean Jacques, set the most gorgeous natural ingredients in vibration, pairing tobacco, pepper and sandalwood with his favourite note, ambroxan, and its wonderful woody, ambery facets.

These scents pulse with the richness of their ingredients. Tabac Blanc has a comforting, refreshing luminosity, while in Tabac Exquis, the CARON’s iconic tobacco is infused with the gourmand notes of a deliciously modern chocolate accord.  Santal Precieux envelopes the superb power of an exceptionally high quality sandalwood in the fresh, luminous floral breath of rose. Poivre Sacré reveals an explosive composition where the spicy freshness of pepper bursts on contact with frankincense.


Caron Perfumes is available in our Boutiques and online at

March 2024


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