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Saffron sunset

Here, in Cappadocia, at the heart of Türkiye, the earth retains the memory of an unblemished emotion, a shiver of saffron, sandalwood and myrrh surfaces on the skin.

Impressive, ancestral formations rise up like exclamations to the sky. They are known as ‘fairy chimneys’, natural pillars of soft, friable rock shaped by volcanic eruption, the passage of time and the weathering of the elements. They watch over the mountains, craters, plateaus and gorges, over the underground and cave-dwelling cities.

The palette of Cappadocia is organic, carnal: white jasmine, ochre benzoin, Turkish rose, gold vanilla and tawny sandalwood. Come nightfall, a purple iris arrives and then the chimney tops secretly open, releasing the caressing perfume of flowers, resins and woods: a message to the stars.

A multi-coloured hot-air balloon appears on the horizon; the passengers in its basket sail above the landscape’s varied facets, swept away by its airy, scent-filled beauty. The fragrance Cappadocia makes this a dream come true.



Sandalwood oil

Myrrh resinoid

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February 2024


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