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Aenotus Puredistance by Jan Ewoud Vos

THE STORY OF AENOTUS-Words by Jan Ewoud Vos (Creative Director & Founder)

More than ten years ago I founded Puredistance and I really love all eight perfumes we have done so far, but I missed my own signature scent in our collection. Three years ago (May 2015) I decided to start up the process of creating one.

I came up with the name AENOTUS and asked Antoine Lie in Paris to create my signature scent. After having worked successfully with Antoine on Puredistance BLACK, WHITE and WARSZAWA, I thought him to be the best perfumer to translate my vision into my signature perfume.

We met in Paris and I showed him the idea behind AENOTUS. A perfume that would firs refresh and then - unlike the 1000+ perfumes that are fresh but quickly fade away - transform into a sensual, but subtle (skin)scent. A refined and silently seductive perfume that doesn’t give away its personality to everyone instantly.

I knew I was asking Antoine something complicated. And indeed, it turned out to be a complex task to combine freshness with a warm and long lasting sensuality. It took us nearly three years, we had to increase the perfume oil percentage to an unprecedented 48%, and we had to overcome our frustrations more than once, before we were satisfied I will not forget the commitment Antoine has put into our cooperation; he never gave up and kept on sending me rework after rework.

The result is a perfume that, despite its high percentage of perfume oil, is not loud - and after an intense and fresh opening - transforms into a delicate scent, very close to the skin. Only those dear and near will be close enough to enjoy its subtle and intriguing character. And why the name ‘Aenotus’? Just like ‘OPARDU’ it is a non-existing word I came up with that perfectly represents the story and essence of the perfume I envisioned. It stands for ‘the notes of the winds blown by Aeolus’. In Greek mythology, Aeolus is the God of the winds who brings coolness to the South of Europe. In AENOTUS the cool notes of Aeolus are fusing with the soft, sensual warmth of the South. And the classic (Latin) ending of the word Aenotus suggests the depth and maturation of time.

Now I can only hope you will love AENOTUS as much as I do.

P.S. And apart from the joy of wearing AENOTUS on my skin, I also love its smell on my clothes. For days, even weeks, I can smell the perfume in my scarves and sweaters

Jan Ewoud Vos-Creative Director & Founder Puredistance

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