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Aqua Media Cologne forte

Aqua Media Cologne forte is an invigorating blend that promises to energize the wearer. The fragrance opens with a burst of Calabrian bergamot, providing a bright and zesty introduction.

This transitions into a heart of verbena and hedione, bringing a green, aromatic freshness. The scent is anchored by a base of musk, which adds a soft and woody depth, ensuring the fragrance remains light yet enduring.

  • Top Notes: Bright and zesty, featuring bergamot from Calabria, lending a sparkling citrus opening that invigorates the senses.

  • Heart Notes: A harmonious blend of verbena and hedione adds a green, aromatic freshness, enhancing the lively and crisp character of the fragrance.

  • Base Notes: The base is grounded with a soft and woody touch of musk, providing a subtle warmth and depth without overpowering the fragrance's airy nature.

Evoking both water and light, green is the middle color of the rainbow prism and reflects balance in motion. It is embodied in the vibrant freshness of Aqua Media Cologne forte, featuring bergamot from Calabria, verbena, sweet fennel and a hedione-woody musk accord.

Aqua Media Cologne Forte is available in our Boutiques and online at

July 2024


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