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The Liquors: A New Fragrance Collection by Kilian

Introducing a new olfactive family from KILIAN PARIS. Kilian Hennessy, foudner, pays tribute to his heritage and selects his favourite olfactive scents to celebrate the night and accompany you from dusk till dawn. Discover the two new perfumes Angels’ Share and Roses on Ice.

Angels’ Share is perhaps Kilian Hennessy’s most personal fragrance creation yet, inspired by his eighth-generation inheritance of Hennessy savoir-faire in cognac-making. First-time collaboration with French perfumer Benoist Lapouza, this creation goes deep into the cellars of founder’s mind and memory, and into its most mysterious dimension: “la part des anges” or “angels’ share”— an evaporation of liquor in oak barrels that lifts, while aging, like a silent offering to the gods.

Roses on Ice is the result of a first-time collaboration with perfumer Frank Voelkl. Kilian Hennessy wanted to recreate the tasting of “gin on the rocks” with a splash of lime—recalling his wife’s favorite drink.

Available at approved Boutiques and online at


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