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Musk Therapy, a Purely Positive Addiction

Initio Parfums Privés

Could the formula for happiness turn out to be a perfume formula?

Today, the advances of neuroscientific research on olfaction have clearly established a connection between certain smells and our physical and emotional state.

INITIO has worked in close collaboration with laboratories to develop a “functional fragrance”. A fragrance whose beneficial ingredients would arouse an immediate physiological and emotional response.

Alternative medicine for instant happiness.

Activating pleasure

Scents can treat and soothe. MUSK THERAPY revives the therapeutic nature of perfume.

An association of natural ingredients and molecules whose vibrations elevate mind and body.

Natural white sandalwood promotes wellbeing. It alleviates stress, calms, and boosts self-confidence.

Magnolia, recomposed with hedione, a quasi-pheromone, activates the brain’s pleasure receptor.

Blackcurrant revitalizes and liberates an irresistible energy, an erotic supplement enhanced by intensely sensuous, ultra-addictive white musks.

MUSK THERAPY, a purely positive addiction

It is in the deepest part of our reptilian brain that the olfactory circuit crosses our emotional terrain. The effect is subconscious but long-lasting.

After REHAB, MUSK THERAPY the latest offering of the Hedonist collection dedicated to olfactory pleasure, creates a bubble of release and wellbeing.

At last, a joyful alternative to artificial paradises and their illicit substances.

Available at approved Boutiques and online at


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