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A Sensation: Delina La Rosée

by Parfums De Marly.

Express one of nature’s most captivating marvels in a fragrance. Distil its poetry. Capture its freshness and prolong the emotion. Parfums de Marly has created a sensation and unveils its newest triumph: Delina La Rosée.

Who has not been enthralled by nature’s mystery: the pearled radiance of a droplet upon a flower petal, or a tiny spider web suddenly in the iridescent colors of the rainbow? When I was a child, I remember the immense rose bed in my grandmother’s garden in France. I would get up early in the morning and run to smell that unique fragrance of rose dew before it dissipated. I believe that the memory of this smell is a universally shared emotion – one I wished to recreate in this fragrance.

A fresh, energising citrusy yet soft perfume exploring 151 ingredients and a potent concentration of 25% for a lasting scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the spring sunshine.

Available at approved Boutiques and online at


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